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  • Bulldozer guide wheel manufacturers have broad market development prospects---Fujian rotary drilling rig accessories-Quanzhou guide wheel


    The market content of the bulldozer guide wheel is very rich, including warranty service, maintenance, leasing and remanufacturing. Facing the huge profit and broad prospects of the aftermarket, in its development process, where are the key components of the core competitiveness? How to plan for the aftermarket? ---Fujian rotary drilling rig accessories-Quanzhou guide wheel

  • How to avoid the derailment of the excavator crawler chain and how to install it---Fujian carrier sprocket


    The walking device of the excavator is composed of four wheels and one belt. The excavator uses the crawler belt to complete the walking. The crawler belt is equivalent to its feet. When there is a problem with the two feet, which is what we often call the track derailment, we must pay attention , Solve in time. Speaking of excavator derailment, the reasons for derailment, how to avoid derailment, and how to deal with the derailment of excavator are what we need to understand. ---Fujian Carrier Wheel

  • Correct maintenance of bulldozers Adjustment of track tension---Quanzhou track chassis guide wheels


    If the tension is excessive, the spring tension of the guide wheel acts on the track pin and the pin sleeve. The outer circle of the pin and the inner circle of the pin sleeve have been subjected to high compression stress. The pin and the pin sleeve will wear prematurely during operation, and the guide wheel will be tensioned. The elastic force of the spring also acts on the guide wheel shaft and the bushing, resulting in a large surface contact stress, which makes the guide wheel bushing easy to grind into a semicircle, the track pitch is easy to elongate, and it will reduce the mechanical transmission efficiency and waste the engine transmission. The power of wheels and tracks. ---Quanzhou track chassis guide wheels

  • Improvement of the support rollers of small crawler hydraulic excavators---Quanzhou excavator support rollers


    Large-scale excavators have a large amount of earthwork during construction, and they do not travel frequently. When they are transferred to work locations for long distances, they are generally transported by trailers. The small excavator has a small amount of earthwork during construction, and it often needs to be transferred to the work site over long distances. Due to the frequent and long-distance travel of small excavators, early wear of its supporting wheels and axles is often caused. ---Quanzhou excavator support wheels

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