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do you know? The support wheels can also be buttered! ---Jiangsu support wheel

Many excavator drivers have encountered oil leakage from a roller, and most of my friends will ignore it and wait for a new roller to be polished. Although it is almost impossible to repair after an oil leak, the support wheels can also be buttered! After beating the butter, it is the same as if there is no oil spill, it can be used for 2000 hours. ---Jiangsu support wheel

 The inside of the support roller is a shaft sleeve link, there is no bearing, and the internal lack of lubrication after the oil leaks, so you can try to grease the inside to maintain lubrication.

If you look carefully, there is a hexagon socket screw on the common types of rollers, some on the surface of the roller, and some on the outside of the main shaft. ---Jiangsu support wheel

If the bolt is located outside the spindle, just unscrew the hexagon socket screw and replace it with a grease nipple.


 Then you can lift the grease gun and grease the inside. If it is a leaking support wheel, you need to hit more for the first time, and then you can take it three or four times every day when you have to hit butter. ---Jiangsu support wheel

The hexagon socket screw is on the side of the roller

    If the bolt is on the roller surface, it is not easy to handle. Even if the hexagon socket bolt can be unscrewed, it can only be buttered once. If you want to replace it, try to replace the inner hexagon on the side of the main shaft, even if the oil leaks, you can continue to use it. ---Jiangsu support wheel

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