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Quanzhou Huiyuda Machinery Track Chassis Accessories Survive by Quality and Development by Innovation---Quanzhou Bulldozer Chassis Accessories

The market content of the bulldozer guide wheel is very rich, including warranty service, maintenance, leasing and remanufacturing. Facing the huge profit and broad prospects of the aftermarket, in its development process, where are the key components of the core competitiveness? How to plan for the aftermarket? ---Fujian rotary drilling rig accessories-Quanzhou guide wheel

"Recent sales during the development period and guarantee service during the low valley period" has become a development strategy pursued by most companies. For the bulldozer guide wheels, this market rule still needs to be followed. In today's situation, competition among enterprises has become increasingly fierce, and the quality of products has gradually shifted from the previous product to the aftermarket.

The future market has a bright future

A series of activities surrounding the sale of later services, accessories, second mobile phones, remanufacturing, etc. is called the post-market. The post-market is divided into three stages: the delivery of the new machine and the warranty period is the first stage; the maintenance service is The main thing is the second stage; after 8 or 10 years, the product needs to be upgraded and remanufactured is the third stage. The company's strategy needs to be formulated for different aftermarkets. Find out the core advantages, explore the operating model, including customer resources, core technology, accessory channels, etc., and prepare for exclusive competition. ---Fujian rotary drilling rig accessories-Quanzhou guide wheel

The bulldozer guide wheel rear market mainly includes five parts: service (repair and maintenance), accessories, leasing, second hand phones and remanufacturing. The market potential of a bulldozer guide wheel equipment often exceeds the cost of purchasing the equipment. Relevant data shows that in the profit composition of the bulldozer guide wheel industry in Europe, the United States and Japan, the contribution of new equipment is less than 20%, and the contribution of maintenance services accounts for half of the country. The contribution of parts, leasing and other businesses and second-hand equipment are very prominent, such as the United States and Europe. In mature markets such as Japan and Japan, the ratio of bulldozer guide wheel sales to aftermarket revenue is 64:100, while in China's bulldozer guide wheel market, this ratio is only 350:10.

Chinese bulldozer guide wheel companies are also aware of this gap, and are "strengthening" the blue ocean after the market, such as XCMG's second-hand car sales and leasing. According to the data, in the first half of this year, XCMG wheeled cranes realized 58 second-hand resources, and the sales amount exceeded 100 million yuan. At the same time, XCMG Machinery also implemented the leasing business, and its second-hand car leasing business mainly targeted at 300 tons and above. For all-terrain cranes, users who do not have the ability to purchase large tonnage products can lease products to fully meet the diverse needs of users. ---Fujian rotary drilling rig accessories-Quanzhou guide wheel

In the entire aftermarket business drive, Liugong has also started operating leasing, financial leasing, etc. on a global scale, and also launched second-hand equipment business a few years ago. The second-hand equipment business has also broadened the benchmarking agent business in Liugong's channel system. Agents can actively participate in the international business of large state-owned construction companies through the international operation and leasing of second-hand equipment. When the market is down, agents and Liugong The operating pressure of the company has been reduced accordingly.

The SANY bulldozer guide wheel product remanufacturing project with a total investment of 200 million yuan also settled in the Liuyang manufacturing industry base not long ago. After the project is settled and put into production, the main business scope is the sales, leasing and related after-sales service of SANY bulldozer guide wheels and accessories; sales and after-sales service of the remanufacturing of the bulldozer guide wheels and parts. ---Fujian rotary drilling rig accessories-Quanzhou guide wheel

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